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Paint Correction is truly a form of art. It is the process of machine polishing paint finishes to gently remove defects such as automatic car wash swirls, scratches, acid rain marks, holograms, hazing, oxidation, bird drop etchings, and even blemishes from the factory. After years of UV Damage, Car washes, and general wear and tear the paint seems dull and does not shine like it did when it was new. A paint correction will change all of this and leave you with better shine than when the car was new!

Paint correction is a multistep and tedious process that takes a keen eye for detail to complete successfully. Using state of the art  paint thickness meters, Full LED lighting, professional tools, and equipment, we can guarantee results.


The amount of correction each vehicle needs is very different. From age, condition, correction level, expected result, and budget, we are confident we can custom fit a Paint Correction that fits your needs. We finish all of our corrections with our 6 month sealant included with the correction but we recommend upgrading to a Ceramic Coating for long-lasting protection of your newly corrected finish. Whether you want a 1 year Ceramic Coating or an Ultra Hard 5 Year Ceramic Coating, The Auto Show has you covered.


STARTS AT $799.99

  • True Paint Correction

  • Removes Car Wash Swirls, Hard Water Spots, Oxidation, Scratches, Staining

  • Removes up to 70% of Clear Coat Defects

  • Restores high gloss finish

  • In shop Time 2 Days

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STARTS AT $1,399.99

  • For the Perfectionist

  • Removes 85% or more of defects in the Clear Coat

  • Perfect Prep for a Ceramic Coating

  • Show Car Finish

  • In shop Time 3 Days

All Corrections are finished with a 6 month Sealant. Included in the Correction Price. 

 We recommend after either a 1 or 2 step correction to have the vehicle coated in at least our 1 year Ceramic Coating.

This makes the finish more resistant to future swirls, scratches, and other damages.

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